Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Continually Yours, Miss Communication

Continually Yours, Miss Communication     

Curtis Carman Solo Exhibition   

Opening Reception March 6, 2014 6:30-9 pm
Open by Appointment only March 6 – March 15 
Appt. contact OZANEAUXartspace@gmail.com 
515 West 20 Street, 5E, New York, NY 10011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:February 26, 2014, New York. Ozaneaux Art Space is very pleased to present Continually Yours, Miss Communication. This exhibition focuses on recent artworks by Curtis Carman. The Exhibition opens with an Artist’s Reception on March 6, 2014 6:30–9 pm and extends thru March 15.

Curtis Carman explores interplay between language and identity. The exhibit will feature a series of text-based drawings that juxtapose vernacular phrases and words with unskilled graphic design--a sincere, yet ultimately inarticulate exercise--in addition to a corresponding series of small “painting-selfies” that feature both the artist and his life-partner, Jack Doroshow, in various drag. 

“There is an inherent lack in language to identify meaning precisely. We Miss-communicate continually. It’s an essential part of the human condition and our quest to discover. Slippage of the tongue is a playground for imagination and expression of the self. Erroneous interplay in that realm tickles my thrill spot.”

Carman received his MFA (2006) in sculpture from Hunter College. His work, which includes sculpture, installation, performance, and photography, investigates the mediation of constructed identity in social arenas and subsequent dislocation. Carman, using a variety of materials and found objects, often employs wit, frivolity, and travesty to subvert the norms of conformity. In addition to his own performance work, he has also appeared with Karen Finley and Michael Mahalchick. Carman’s work has been exhibited locally and internationally, including LMCC Swing Space, La Mama Gallery, The Jersey City Museum, General Public in Berlin, and Documenta XII in Kassel, Germany. Past awards include an LMCC Artist Grant, a Visual Aids Artist Grant, and a Tom Woods Award. 

More of Carman’s work can be seen at: www.visualaids.org/artists/detail/curtis-carman.
Viewing is by appointment thru 03/15/2014. All proceeds go entirely to the artist.

OZANEAUX ArtSpace is an alternative space created by Nikki Schiro and Frederic Ozaneaux that houses exhibitions for emerging contemporary artists. The space is situated in a Chelsea loft office space, in the heart of New York City’s Gallery District. The artists selected radicalize traditional forms and ideas by their play with relationships; with a great emphasis on women artists and foreign/cultural exchange. www.ozaneauxartspace.blogspot.com

  • 515 West 20th Street, # 5E, New York City, NY 10011