Monday, March 11, 2013

PHOTOS: The best of Fountain Art Fair 2013 – a showcase for NYC emerging artists

tART Collective mentioned twice:

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PHOTOS: The best of Fountain Art Fair 2013 – a showcase for NYC emerging artists

#3. A Future Filled with DIY Breast Implants

Did you ever think about getting a nose job as a kid, but couldn’t afford one? In the future, children may be able to take matters into their own hands with DIY plastic surgery. Artist Nikki Schiro envisions a time when even breast implants are “do it at home” procedures.
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Schiro takes the ‘ladies night out’ concept ten steps further by painting groups of women performing surgeries on one another. The depictions of semi-nude women are often quite explicit and draw spectators (especially men) to the work, the artist noted on Friday, but the issues she explores are ones that women can relate to: body insecurity, the promotion of plastic surgery to ‘improve self esteem’ and the rising popularity of these procedures. Schiro is a member of the tART Collective, a group of female artists founded in 2004 that organizes studio visits, stages fundraisers and provides resources for members who need help with their exhibits.

#10. An End to Green Spaces, Water and All That Good Stuff

Buying a home is a rite of passage for many Americans. But have you thought about who actually owns the natural resources on that land, like the precious water supply? It’s a question that New York artist Kathleen Vance explores in her series Traveling Landscapes, in which natural and artificial landscapes are created in partially opened containers like steamer trunks or cosmetic cases. Vance was inspired by her own experience growing up in Maryland, where her family had a farm and the water table was in jeopardy. The whole concept of owning land and natural resources is something of a contradiction, she explained at the Fountain Art Fair on Friday; “you can’t take it with you, [so] it’s not yours.”
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