Monday, September 5, 2011

tART Year 8: A Self-Curated Show

Exhibition opens this Friday, September 9th, includes 11 artists that have shown at OZANEAUX Art Space.

tART Year 8: A Self-Curated Show

On view at Arts@Renaissance from September 9th to October 14th

New York City (August 16th, 2011)tART Year 8: A Self-Curated Show opens Friday, September 9th, from 7-9pm, at Arts@Renaissance in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The exhibition will run from September 9th through October 14th. The art will be chosen and installed by artists from the collective.

Entering it’s 8th year, the tART collective presents new work by members - covering a wide cross-section of the current practices within the group. The show will be host to several events for residents of Greenpoint and the community at large. tART will engage at the site of Arts@Renaissance for hands-on workshops and discussions on art and social practice.

Featuring Artwork of tART Members: Amy Shapiro, Ann deVere, Anna Lise Jensen, Asya Reznikov, Carrie Rubinstein, Damali Abrams, Deborah Pohl, Elsie Kagan, Georgia Elrod, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Julia Whitney Barnes, Katerina Lanfranco, Katherine Keltner, Laura Fayer, LIz Ainslie, MaDora Frey, Melissa Staiger, Monica Carrier, Nikki Schiro, Petra Valentova, Rachael Gorchov, Rosemary Taylor, Sandra Mack-Valencia, Susan Ross, Suzane Bennett, Suzanne Broughel and Yasmin Spiro.

The tART collective functions as a contemporary feminist support structure for a group of artists in New York City, who are committed to exploring the intersections of visual art and public engagement as well as participating in post-graduate studio visits. Since 2004, the collective has used its exhibitions as a platform - to fundraise for Doctors Without Borders and Creative Time, to launch 'zines and present workshops, panel discussions and collaborations. When the collective expanded to its current maximum size in terms of logistics, members began to facilitate workshops teaching other artists how to set up their own groups. In 2011, tART members presented on the collective at the College Art Association conference in NYC (February) and Open Engagement conference, Portland, OR, (May.)

Location: Arts@Renaissance, 2 Kingsland Ave., Garden Level (corner of Maspeth Ave.), Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Opening Reception: Friday, September 9th from 7-9pm

Gallery Hours: Fridays (1-7:30pm), Saturdays (1-7pm) and by appointment

Contact: For more information, follow these links: Facebook

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet + Sour: tART Works, Armory Weekend

Swept, Pulled and Lifted,a collaboration by Artists Ann deVere and Deborah Pohl.

Pod City: Collaboration by Julia Whitney Barnes, Yasmin Spiro and Katerina Lanfranco (respectively)

Composting, a collaboration by artists Petra Valentova, Nikki Schiro and Anna Lise Jensen (respectively)

Composting Collaboration: Detail of Anna Lise Jensen and Petra Valentova artworks

Mutilated Flowers by Petra Valentova, Framed re-constructed old masters by Nikki Schiro

Two Abstract Paintings based on the same quotes, collaboration by artists Melissa Staiger and Liz Ainslie
based on quotes from Joseph Conrad's "The Hear of Darkness" and Virginia Woolf's "Orlando"

Artists Melissa Staiger and Liz Ainslie, central

Artists Damali Abrams and Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow prepare for the streets, to preform and document their collaborative piece Sweetly Sour.
great minds think alike

Damali Abrams and Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow

Artist Nikki Schiro

artists Deborah Pohl and Nikki Schiro

Paige Laverty and Friend in front of Nikki Schiro and Petra Valentova artworks

tART Artist Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow with exhibition curator Caroline Elizabeth Babson

Frank Schiro and Kristin Malafy

Monday, February 28, 2011

tART Armory Week 2011

Curated by Caroline Elizabeth Babson
Opening March 5, 2011 6-9pm
Featuring Collaborations by tART Artists:
Damali Abrams, Liz Ainslie, Anne deVere, Anna Lise Jensen, Katerina Lanfranco, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Deborah Pohl, Nikki Schiro, Yasmin Spiro, Melissa Staiger, Petra Valentova, Julia Whitney Barnes

515 West 20th Street, #5E, NY, NY 10011

SummerSpace 2011: Unchained Melodies

SummerSpace 2011
Paintings by Chengdu artist Jiang Jian
curated by New York artist Nikki Schiro
(艺术家 希罗)

Magali Olive, Emma Boitier, Thierry Daher

artist Jessica Rosen, Kevin Takasato and friends

Artists Nikki Schiro and Jiang Jian with Oncology Nurses of Roosevelt Hospital's 11G

artists Naomi Beesen, Yao Zu Lu, and Laurence De Vries

Artists Sandra Mack Valencia and Jiang Jian with Oncology friends from Roosevelt and BI hospitals.
...Featuring The Electronic Translator! Sometimes it works, other times it's a good laugh.

artists Nikki Schiro, Yao Zu Lu and Timothy Cruz

Frederic Ozaneaux

Jiang Jian Fred Ozaneaux Benji and Eduard

artists Jiang Jian and Sandra

Jiang Jian with Frank Schiro

artists Jiang Jian and Anna Lise Jensen

Artists Julia Whitney Barnes and Jessica Rosen with Juliette

  • 515 West 20th Street, # 5E, New York City, NY 10011